I utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator STEP II to assist clients (individuals and couples) in better understanding their personality type and unique relating styles: stress management, conflict style, decision-making style, & communication style. This valuable assessment is utilized in individual sessions as well as couples work to increase insight and understanding in relationships. It is also beneficial for career pursuits.

What is the Myers-briggs type indicator? 

Also known as the MBTI, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an assessment of personality type that helps people identify 4 basic personality preferences that combine to form their MBTI personality type. Understanding your MBTI results can help you understand and appreciate the natural differences in the ways people think, communicate, and interact - differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding. At Synergy Counseling Innovations, the MBTI Step IIis offered.  The MBTI Step II instrument is 144 questions and is an advanced form of the MBTI assessment. This particular assessment provides more depth by looking at different facets of each of your preferences. In addition to your 4-letter type, the Step II form of the MBTI instrument also explores 5 characteristics underlying each preference, providing a richer understanding of your MBTI type preferences.  

How will knowing my personality type help me?

Knowing your type will help you better understand yourself and your behaviors. It will also help you appreciate others’ styles and thus enable you to deal more constructively with the differences between you and other people. With a greater understanding of your own inherent strengths, you’ll be better able to take advantage of opportunities to use those strengths for more effective functioning in work and life. Many individuals have used their understanding of their MBTI type to help them find a satisfying job, choose an academic major, improve their effectiveness and satisfaction at work, and enhance their interactions and relationships with others.

Why should i pay to take this assessment when there are so many free tests online?  

You get what you pay for. The free tests generally do not give reliable and valid results. They’re not based on years of research, and they have few if any studies to back up their accuracy. Especially if you’re looking for guidance in making major life decisions, the useful and accurate information derived from the MBTI assessment can be invaluable.

What will the MBTI assessment tell me that I don't already know? 

The MBTI assessment is a self-report tool – it gives you answers based on what you report about yourself – so in one sense, it won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. But knowing something and being able to use it effectively in your life are two vastly different things. Most people enjoy taking the MBTI assessment, and when they get their results, they feel affirmed in that they’ve received an accurate description of their personality. Many go on to set new goals and improve their decision making and relationships.

How can knowing my personality type help me get along better with others?

Myers and Briggs created the MBTI assessment because they wanted to help people understand themselves and others better and appreciate the differences between them. When you take the MBTI assessment and review your results, you learn that there are different ways of interacting with others, taking in information, making decisions, and organizing one’s life. That information can help you better understand your friends, co-workers, and family, and improve your interpersonal interactions.

sHOuld i choose a career based on my MBTI type?

Not based on your type alone. Career decisions are usually most sound when they take into account a number of factors including interests, personality, skills, values, lifestyle needs, and others. Knowing your MBTI type can help you in career decision making, but it should not be the only factor you consider.

Research shows that people of each personality type tend to choose particular career fields and are likely to avoid certain other fields. You may want to consult current career books on the subject or work with a career counselor who is certified in use of the MBTI instrument to learn more about type and career choices.

Will identifying my type help me know the kind of person with whom i would be happiest? 

No. Relationships are too complex, and what makes people happy is too diverse, for one instrument to capture such information reliably. Successful and happy couples have included people who share the exact same personality type, people whose types are opposite, and people with some preferences in common and others quite distinct.

That being said, the MBTI assessment is often used in couples counseling because it can help uncover normal, healthy differences between partners. A couple that has taken the MBTI assessment and learned to respect and value each person’s style has built at least part of the foundation for a happy relationship.


The Myers-Briggs is for you if you would like to....

  • Get to know yourself better
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Identify a career path
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Understand & appreciate differences
  • Lead, influence and manage others more effectively
  • Improve your everyday decision making
  • Manage stress and your time

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment: $180

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory combo: $195  


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*NOTE: I do not provide career counseling, resume building, interview skills, etc. I only administer the assessments and provide results. I can refer you to a professional who can assist you in these areas if you need. 

**If you are a clinician who is working with a client in this area but you do not administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Inventory and feel these assessments would be beneficial in your work with your client, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss coordination of services.