Group Therapy

Group therapy is when a group of persons (typically 5 to 10) gather to learn from, and support, each other with the therapist facilitating the discussion and interactions.

Groups are currently on hiatuses. If you are interested in attending any of the following groups, please contact me for more details. A minimum of 3 attendees is required for a group to start.


Thriving After Divorce

Your what? This group will aim to help you answer this question, while teaching you techniques that will strengthen you and give you hope during this new phase in your life. Topics will include: learning how to face the depth of what you have experienced on an emotional & physical level, discovering healthy ways of creating closure, and redefining your life.


Relationships, Self-Empowerment, & Assertiveness

This is a therapy group for women who are committed to self-exploration and personal growth. Cultivate personal empowerment, learn to communicate authentically with others, and explore relationship issues within a supportive environment.


Learning to Cope with Anxiety

Explore the underlying issues that trigger your anxiety and stress. Gain strategies to cope with life stressors and lead a more satisfying life.


Resilient Moms

Strengthening yourself for your kid's sake.

Do you carry any stress due to the day-to-day tasks of parenting?  Please join us in learning how to increase your resilience and well-being for the sake of your kids. Learn about new ways to:

  • Balance your own self-care with the responsibilities of parenting
  • Appropriately respond to your children's negative emotions
  • Increase your peace and happiness, and pass it on to others
  • Flow through difficult seasons of life with greater clarity and patience


Teen Girl Self-Esteem Support Group (12-17)

A social skills support group for young females. This will be a support group format where they will get feedback and coaching for all stressors which include friendships, school, relationships, bullying, and depression.


Shyness & Social Anxiety (14-18)

For those who have experienced nervousness in social situations: meeting new friends, starting conversations, public speaking. Learn and practice skills after identifying the fear. Receive support from others.


What You Need To Know About Groups

  1. You must register with Synergy Counseling Innovations as a client in order to attend any of the groups.
  2. All members must be approved to attend group.
  3. Please keep in mind Synergy Counseling Innovations is out-of-network with all insurance companies.
  4. All groups are $45 and 90 minutes in length.