The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.
— Esther Perel

When I first start working with a new couple, I utilize the Gottman model 4 part series assessment. I meet with the couple initially together to gather a couples history, assess the couples goals, and identify any areas of current difficulty. I have both parties complete the online Gottman couples assessment*. Then I meet with each partner individually to get their personal history and assess their personal goals. Finally, we come together to review the histories and goals and set a plan of action. The frequency and duration of your couples therapy will depend on your needs. I typically recommend weekly couples sessions initially, but this varies between couples and will depend on your needs. Weekly sessions are beneficial for the early stages of therapy in order to establish goals and to start working towards identified goals. Once progress has built momentum, couples sessions tend to fade to every other week then to monthly. 

*An important part of the 4 series assessment sessions allows me to rule out: Substance Abuse / Addiction, Personality Disorders, and Domestic Violence. If any of these 3 issues exist couples therapy cannot take place until the issue is addressed.  I do not work with these specific issues, therefore you will be referred out to a qualified professional to help assist you in this area. Please note that couples may also be referred out at the conclusion of the 4 sessions if I feel they need more specialized intervention based on information gained over the course of the assessment sessions.  

I have a Open Secrets policy. Information divulged in individual sessions will be kept confidential. 

Common Issues I Treat Include:

  • Affair Recovery

  • Chronic conflict

  • Communication Issues

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Feeling disconnected from each other

  • Life transitions

  • Premarital work

Couples Intake Assessment Session, 90 minutes $260

An interview tracing the trajectory of your relationship, gaining a couples history, observing how you interact especially during difficult discussions, identifying goals, and completing the online Gottman assessment, which will be emailed to you directly after our session. At the end of our session I will schedule a follow-up couples session as well as an individual session with each partner.

Note: the individual sessions & subsequent couples sessions are not included in the Couple Intake Assessment Session price of $260. Please see blow for pricing.

Couples Intake Assessment Session, 90 minutes $260.00

Couple Session, 90 minutes $185

Couples Intensive Session, 2 hours, $250.00

Couples Intensive Session, 3 hours, $375.00

Individual Session, 60 minutes, $125.00

Couples Intensive Sessions are designed for couples who feel the traditional 90 minute session once a week, or every-other-week, is not beneficial, or for those with busy work schedules.

*The Gottman Couples Assessment was developed from over 40 years of research and can help pinpoint what causes the relationship trouble spots as well as the strengths that hold you together. This assessment is geared towards all stages of relationships, whether new relationship, premarital, or marital. The Gottman Couples Assessment is 480 questions long and covers the following areas: Friendship, Intimacy, Emotions, Conflict, Values, Trust, Parenting, Housework, Finances, & Individual Areas Of Concern. The assessment accurately evaluates a relationship's strength and challenges, and provides personalized feedback for effective intervention.

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