Synergy Counseling Innovations offers The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory.  

I offer career assessments that emphasize your personality type and interests.

You have to cultivate your natural strengths, but before you can do that you have to know what they are and that's where the MBTI Step II and Strong Interest Inventory assessments can help.  I have a fondness for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory for the personal insight they offer to each of my clients. If you are unsure about your college and/or career path, these assessments can help by identifying your personality type and ideal career matches based on your personality and interests.  The Myers-Briggs is also beneficial in individual and couples work in that it increases self-awareness.

You make better choices when you are informed, so imagine the power you will wield when you know yourself better. College, career, relationships, etc. Knowledge is power...get it!

It's your life, why not live it your way? Ignite your strengths. Live authentically. Learn how to cultivate better relationships. Pursue your passions.


Who can take these assessments? 

These assessments can be taken by:

  • Teenagers who are preparing for college.
  • College students who are unsure of their academic path / career
  • Adults who are contemplating a career change
  • Adults who are re-entering the workforce after an absence
  • Individuals entering retirement who are considering a second career
  • Individuals / couples who wish to gain a deeper insight into their personality type and its role in relationships (MBTI assessment)


How much are assessments and how soon will I have my results? 

Depending on your need (high school student, college student, adult career change / work force re-entry, or to gain deeper personal insight, etc.), assessments range in price. Please contact me to determine which assessment is best suited for your needs. The assessment package includes: 

  • Online assessment
  • In-office interpretation session (approximately 30 minutes)
  • A printed report
  • A PDF document of your results emailed to you after your interpretation session 

When you book your assessment, you will be required to pay at that time. Upon payment I will email you a link(s) to the assessment(s) and you will have 1 week to complete the assessment(s). At the time you book your appointment, and pay for the assessment(s), we will also schedule your interpretation session, which will usually take place 3-5 business days after you have completed your assessment(s). Results will be given at the time of your interpretation appointment, which takes place in my office. You will have to complete a brief intake form as well as the standard client forms. You will leave your interpretation session with a printed report, which will also be emailed to you upon completion of the in-office interpretation session.

Want to take the assessments? Contact me to schedule your appointment. Phone: 678-496-3436. Email:

Click here for more information on the MBIT Step II

Click here formore information on the Strong Interest Inventory


*NOTE: I do not provide career counseling / coaching, resume building, interview skills, etc. I only administer the assessments and provide results. I can refer you to a professional who can assist you in these areas if you need. 

**If you are a clinician who is working with a client in this area but you do not administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Inventory and feel these assessments would be beneficial in your work with your client, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss coordination of services.