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Synergy Counseling Innovations is a private psychotherapy practice specializing in adult individual therapy and couples therapy.

Therapy can be an exciting journey. It's exciting to see what people discover and become through therapy, but it's more exciting to see how they live after therapy. Seeing people make connections to who they are, embracing aspects of themselves, connecting in relation to others, and thriving from a more insight-based perspective is my goal.

I love working with people who:

  • Want to pursue their passion(s)
  • Want to make a deeper connection to who they are and with those in their life
  • Want to make a positive change and are willing to embrace accountability for their lives
  • Internally motivated to make changes in their lives

I look forward to meeting with my client's to hear what goals they have, to encourage them, and assist them in making the positive life changes they crave. Sometimes such a journey seems overwhelming, filled with doubt, but it is also filled with enthusiasm for all the possibilities.

I'm thrilled that you're interested in working with me! To get started contact me via email at CBradshawLPC@gmail.com

Become the architect of your future.
— Robin S. Sharma
   Individual Therapy

 Individual Therapy

  Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

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